Just checking in.
Robert Falco
to Kelsey Falco


By the time we get our timezones synced, it'll be time for you to come back.

Myself, your mom, the girls, and I'm sure the twins all miss you but we're all glad that you're enjoying your graduation trip. After four years of hard work, you deserve to be able to experience the world outside of a classroom. Thank you for keeping us all up to date with the pictures although now Natalie knows what a kangaroo is and really, really wants one. Or as she calls it "a woo". A stuffed animal will suffice. And Hayden is wondering if you'd kidnap the Hemsworth brothers for her until I told her that would be very illegal and very impossible.

It's been quiet on the homefront. Hayden is currently attending theater camp and auditioned for Legally Blonde. Unfortunately, she didn't get the lead part but as I told her, there aren't small parts, only small actors - this didn't go over well as you can imagine but it's giving her the motivation to work harder on the part of Vivian. She's been practicing at home (a lot) and now we have two singers in the house and I'm feeling like I'm permanently stuck in some sort of Pitch Perfect riff off (we've all watched that movie and its sequel at least five times in the last week). Opening night for that is August 4th.

Speaking of our other singer, Soledad and I signed Rebecca up for "Pop star camp". Fancy name for "vocal lessons and singing camp" that ends with a performance on July 29th. We wanted to mix it up for her and she's doing very well although, like I said, it's becoming a singing competition in this house with Hayden practicing upstairs and Rebecca practicing downstairs on her piano. Except right now, Rebecca is going through a bit of a... phase. She insists on being called "Beckie". With an ie. It all started when she found out there were three other Rebeccas at her camp; two went by Becca and the other two went by Becky. So now she is Beckie. With an ie. I'm hoping this is part of the "creating a stage persona" part of her camp. I think she'll be e-mailing you soon because she's nervous about the songwriting lesson that's coming up soon although Soledad has been helping her out a lot.

Your mom and Denise are working on expanding the Buttercup brand. Soledad has been in Dana Point a lot, finalizing details and what not on Buttercup Cafe. Apparently, none of us except for Soledad, Denise, and Grandma Paula aren't allowed to see it because it's not ready yet even if they like to take over the kitchen and whisper about wallpaper, tiles, and menu items and stop whenever someone enters the room. I've been trying to sneak down (don't tell your mom or your grandmother... or your boss) to figure out what they're working on but I'm not as stealth as I would like to think I am. You would think they were discussing mob business rather than cafe business.

I'm not sure what we're doing yet for the twins' first birthday, your mom and I are still talking about that although we're a month away from that. It's amazing seeing them both growing up before our eyes and developing their own personalities like Natalie has. Elijah's the louder of the two and has recently tried to walk with little success and a lot of falling. Soledad says it's because we named him after Uncle Will. Nathan's been doing a lot of talking but none of it has been actual words yet and your mother and I are on First Word Watch '16. We'll keep you updated.

As always, we hope you're having fun and staying safe.

Love, Dad.

PS: Uncle Will has tickets to SDCC, if you're interested.