Some kind of welcome blurb/information about the comm/gpsl here.
1. Adds will take place twice a week (specific days??), and more often if it becomes necessary.

2. Usernames should be out of character, and some kind of reflection of the character themselves.

3. We require examples to be reviewed upon submission of the application. No more than one journal entry and one scene is required. Examples may be locked in your journal or a compilation journal. Anonymous holds will be accepted, but a follow-up with a registered journal must be made within 24 hours. No challenges.

4. Overrides are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us via dropbox to inquire.

5. The privacy of our members is extremely important to us. For that reason, we ask that any potential members lock their journal entries to friends only (this includes your "friends only" post), and/or adjust your comment settings so that only those you have friended to your journal may comment. Additionally, we ask that all members refrain from participating in any activity that takes place in anonymous communities.

6. Rejections will be based completely on the quality of writing in the examples provided. We will not nitpick over obvious typos, of course, but we do expect a certain standard of writing from our members. Aesthetics of a journal layout or icons used will never be a factor in our decisions on whether to accept or reject an application. If you are rejected, and have questions as to why this happened, please feel free to contact us via dropbox to inquire.

7. As always, please respect the in character/out of character line. There is a zero tolerance policy in effect for any line crossing or god-modding.
1 Upon your acceptance, you are required to post an introduction in -- in one weeks time.

2. Updates within your journal that are visible on the friends page are required from all members (with the exception of those on hiatus, or those who have requested an extension once in a calendar month. Activity periods will last from the first of the month until the last of the month, regardless of what day that falls on.

3. Activity requirements will be: a minimum of 100 words for written content, anything HTML + CSS heavy, and scenes with at least a few replies per person. Outside of monthly updates, we also ask that friends list remain current and members be active via commenting around and/or utilizing subcommunities. No one liners.

4. We know, and understand, that real life comes before roleplay - as it should be - and we will do our best to accommodate our members if ever a situation arises that requires a hiatus or an extension. If an absence is to exceed three weeks time, but you have every intention of remaining an active member of the community beyond that time frame, we encourage you to request a hiatus. If you need extra time to post an update, but do not need to take time away from roleplay, you may instead request an extension. Requests for either may be dropped off here. Hiatuses are granted with the understanding that all forms of activity - specifically public activity - will cease for the duration of the hiatus - which will last five weeks, with more time given if needed. Extensions will last one additional activity period. To avoid this being abused, we will not allow back-to-bac hiatuses or extensions.

5. Something about facebook activity, maybe?
1. We do not need to approve any potential storylines that you and your SLP may want to play out. However, we do ask that everything is kept realistic and as in character as possible for the celebrity in question. In that same vein, we do not expect for you to play out real life pregnancies within your line, and will leave discretion of such occurrences up to you and anyone else directly affected by it.

2. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, both in and out of character. Please leave the unnecessary drama at the door.

3. As a final note, please understand that we are only human, and are prone to making mistakes just as much as anyone else may be. If you catch something, please feel free to bring it to our attention by sending us a PM or inquiring via dropbox. We are also open to any suggestions members may have, and will take anything and everything into consideration. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time here, and look forward to writing with you all.